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Sauce Sessions I @ Sunnyvale

It is interesting how sometimes certain sequences of events feel so overwhelmingly meaningful that it feels like the guidance of some greater force, those moments with friends that made you feel like you’re connected for life! Lets just take a moment to fully appreciate those moments…. That was good, right? Anyway.

If y’all are from NYC, are into dub, heavy vibes and good electronic bass music, and haven’t heard of The Saucy Monster Collective, then you have been sleeping on some quality sounds.

This was the first installment of a new series of shows in Brooklyn showcasing famous bass-driven acts from across the country as well as local artists in support of the New York Underground Bass Community. The evening was riddled with a variety of mellow tunes and mind-bending visuals, courtesy of @squidtotheword as well as multi-media artists Erin Ludwig, Sarah Sanchez and Liam Mcguire.

In a space between ambient bass and minimal psytronica, Jizzy Fra’s @jizzyfra music is a mellow transcendence of one’s own thoughts that brings the listener into a state of present-mindedness and inner-reflection. The bass is heavy, deep, minimal… but with a subtle airiness that is reminiscent of early electronica. His b2b performance with @yakoozamusic set the atmosphere for the evening with heavy drops with glitch-hoppy intermissions. Their performance was followed by another local DJ who goes by the name of SAM. Finally around 2am Detox Unit brought a FACE SMASHING performance. The intricate rhythms and dry oscillations of the Bass was absolutely tantric. The night was closed out by a psybient Bass set from Malakai. Although each of these artists vary in many ways from each other they all represent the subgroup of electronic music that is still true to its roots and promotes a community of love and positivity and a mutual appreciation of sound. If you want to check out what all the hype is about check the Saucy Monster Facebook page for a full schedule of events. Peaccccce

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