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Solace in the Moment - Feature Exhibition @ Ossining Public Library

Undertones of Psychology - Inspades Magazine Issue 12

Pleasantville Music Festival: 2014-Present

Featured in Vanity Fair October 22, 2022

Featured in People Magazine February 27, 2023


Hey folks! My name is Vladimir Kolesnikov and I am a fine-art portrait and event photographer based in New York City and Westchester County New York


I am passionate about my art and my art is my photography. Photography for me has always been a  very intimate matter that is collaborative in process between myself and my clients.


I aim for the absolute highest standard when taking pictures and try to understand my clients on a deep and personal level to create a vision that is emotional, captivating, and timeless. 

I first developed a passion for photography back in my raving days, where I would come across hyper-enthusiastic event photographers in the nightclubs and warehouses of NYC walking around with  ultra-wide angle lenses and crazy off camera flash systems. These people, who had so much passion and derived so much joy from capturing the candid moments of joy for other individuals is what inspired me to become a photographer. 

Today, I offer professional headshots and contextual portraits for Graduating Seniors, Models, Bloggers, and Business Owners as well as photo coverage for events such as Concerts, Festivals, Birthdays, Parties, Weddings and more.


I have a profound appreciation for the power of photography to capture more than just what is in front of the lens. Its about capturing the feelings and emotions experienced and memories made that day. I strive to provide a high-quality professional experience that is both fun and enjoyable  for my clients that will leave you with more than just a set of photographs, but a story made up of a series of snapshots that truly convey the feelings and emotions felt that day 

If you are interested in setting up a shoot, have any questions, or just want to talk photography, feel free to reach out. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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