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The Graduation Shoot in DUMBO Brooklyn

DUMBO is one of the THE most popular locations for graduation photos in NYC, alongside Bethesda Terrace in Central Park and Washington Square Park. The iconic carousel and the Manhattan Skyline views and conveniently nestled between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, these things make DUMBO an easy top choice for photos. Recently I was contacted by a friend of a fellow collogue (Shoutout to @marlonramosphotography) for some graduation photos. Some things to keep in mind when scheduling a photoshoot in NYC

  • There will be traffic getting to and from your locations

  • Parking is near impossible so consider using public transit

  • There will be lots of people around you so be prepared to wait at each location for it to get a little quieter.

  • There is always a chance of rain so look for places with indoor photo options.

While everything was going smoothly halfway through the family portraits, it started to rain, at first a light drizzle, and shortly after a heavy downpour. While there is always an option to cut a session short or potentially reschedule, sometimes it is not possible considering out of town guests and travel plans, so we opted to seek some cover under the awnings of the "Empire Stores" shopping mall nearby. We concluded the photo session there with some cool off camera portraits with a more neutral backdrop and some dramatic lighting. Here are some of the highlights from the day If you are interested in booking me for an event or photo session please fill out the contact form

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